Sunday, July 15, 2012

Short Story Contest And Some Exciting News

So I've decided to try and enter in a short story contest which involves me having to write a horror/thriller by September 30th.
I have this idea that I was going to use for an anthology contest but now I'm using it for this one.
Here's my idea:
When some colledge students get stranded they are picked off one by one as a monster prowels the forest with red beady eyes and fur as black as a starless night. Up until three students are left, seeking protection from each other as they attempt to stay hidden from the monster that killed their classmates.
I'm a bit excited about this, but also have no idea how to start my story. I've had an idea but decided not to use that until later on. So now I'm stuck with this storyline with no idea how to start it. Ummm...some help?
The other day I had won a random drawing contest (yay!) with one other person. We had won an complete trilogy within one book by Joseph Beekman. I was so excited and can't wait for the book to arrive! I've been wanting to read this series and now I can.
Also earlier today I've discovered I won an Amazon gift card for being the 150th liker to a page called Authors on Air on Facebook. I've never, and I do repeat never, won anything like this before in my life! So you can imagine my excitement.  

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